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Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are transferred to your computer when you visit websites.

We use them to enhance your shopping experience so that we can ensure our site works fully for you and so you see our best offers. We recommend they are enabled.

Using Cookies At K-lifestyles Limited

Our websites provide the best service for you when cookies are enabled. By turning on cookies, you are ensuring our site works fully to the benefit of you. Without them, important aspects of our site will not work properly and we can check that our site is working properly for you.

We will always honour your preferences and will only read or write to cookies based on the settings chosen on your browser.

What Do Cookies Do To Enhance My Shopping Experience?

With our cookies, we learn about your shopping behaviour in regards to what categories and products you like to browse.

Other features of what cookies can do to enhance your experience on our website are listed below:

Store the contents of your shopping basket as you progress through our website and checkout
Enables you to log in to our website so you can manage your account
Customise the offers, products and content we display to you

Are Cookies Safe?

Cookies are completly safe, they don’t harm your computer and they do not store any information that can be used by others such as email address and payment details.

With the data we collect to enhance your viewing experience will never be passed on to any 3rd party.

The Cookies We Use:

We use several different types of cookies that are bundled under different categories that are listed below:

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are esential to make sure key features of our website function properly, such as the shopping basket and account log in.

Customer cookies

These cookies remember what products were added to your basket and ensure that the customer is shown the most important offers relating to their browsing history.

Analytic cookies

These cookies tell us how our customers use our website which helps us gather information on how we can improve our website in regards to content, products and offers.

Contacting Us

We can be reached by contacting:

K-lifestyles Limited
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