Mothers’ Tips for Happy Children

What is the recipe for a happy family? Who is no better to answer than Mothers? We have asked five Mums to give us their best advice.

Here they are!

MAKE THEM LAUGH ~ “Like adults, kids can be in real moods sometimes – and my oldest son is no exception. So, occasionally when he cries (and I can tell it’s totally fake) I try to change his focus by doing something completely different. Like pretending to stumble for example. It has always made him laugh instead.” ~ Jessica Håkansson (Mother of Two)

CARE FOR THEIR SKIN ~ “Smaller children can have a tendency for more sensitive skin, so I always make sure to only use caring shower creams and moisturisers. This helps me avoid sour faces due to rashes and dry skin. My new favourite is the Loving Care range. It’s not only great for my son’s skin, but for the whole family!” ~ Anna-Klara Grödell (Mother of One)

Baby Image 2

MAKE MEALS FUN ~ “Toddlers can be picky eaters. My daughter would literary cry every time we gave her veggies. So, to make dinner time more fun we started making faces and animals out of her food. Now, she’s happy to munch on broccoli trees!” ~ Janelle Hallberg (Mother of One)

ENCOURAGE GOOD HYGIENE ~ “I’ve tried to teach my children good hygiene habits from an early age. And being kids, they love to use A LOT of soap and shampoo when they wash themselves. So, we usually stock up on jumbo sizes – that way we’re less likely to run out and it’s better for our budget!” ~ Julia Koga (Mother of Two)

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LIVE IN THE MOMENT ~ “Being a grown-up it’s easy to always focus on what’s happening tomorrow or next year, but kids think more here and now. So, I try to focus on the moment, and be very specific about what needs to be done right now when talking to my kids.” ~ Maria Hillgren (Mother of Two)

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