Reduce Your Beauty Footprint

Making Good-for-the-Earth decisions doesn’t have to equate to a radical lifestyle change. In fact, being chic and eco-aware has never been easier. Here are ten tips for greening your beauty routine and you’ll be doing the planet – and yourself – proud.

1. TURN OFF THE TAP ~ When you’re not rinsing your body, hair or toothbrush, turn off the tap. It’s a simple and cost-efficient way to save on water.

2. USE A REUSABLE BOTTLE ~ In America alone, people consume 1,500 plastic water bottles a second! Less than 20% of those bottles are recycled. Plastic rarely decomposes and requires a lot of energy to produce. In fact, it takes three times the amount of water to create a plastic bottle than it does to fill one! So should you stop drinking water? No of course not. Instead, invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it with tap or filtered water.

3. DISPOSE OF FACE WIPES ~ The Marine Conservation Society suggests that there are 35 wipes found for every kilometre of British beach – and the number is rising! If you’re removing makeup with wet wipes, throw them in the bin, not down the toilet.

4. LOOK FOR THE LOGO ~ Navigating the world of natural, organic and sustainable beauty products can be confusing, which is why it helps to get to know your industry certification bodies. Buying a product approved by Ecocert guarantees that your product contains over 95% natural ingredients, that it uses recyclable packaging and that it’s been manufactured responsibly. A product that is Ecocert certified will carry the body’s logo on its packaging.

5. SKIP MICROBEADS ~ Micro-beads are small bits of plastic used in exfoliators. According to UNEP (the United Nations Environment Program), a typical exfoliating shower gel can contain as much plastic in micro-bead form as there is in its container! Look after the world’s water supply and use scrubs of natural origin instead.

6. BE FASHIONABLY CONSCIOUS ~ Some items of clothing don’t need to be washed after every single wear. Take denim. Manufacturers recommend that you wash your jeans every five to six wears to keep their form. If you wash your clothes at 30*C instead of 40*C, you’ll reduce your energy consumption by half! Add to that ditching your tumble dryer and using a clothes line instead, you’ll have saved around 2-3 kg of carbon emission.

7. RECYCLE! ~ Your shampoo and conditioner, day cream jars, toothpaste boxes, toilet paper rolls…don’t forget, they’re all recyclable!

8. MEAT-FREE MONDAY ~ Cutting meat from your diet for just one day a week helps the planet. Did you know that it takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce 500g of beef? You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but you can do your bit for climate change and cutout the meat once a week!

9. GET TO KNOW FAIR TRADE ~ A product that is Fair Trade certified has paid a “fair price” for the ingredients within it. This means fairer trading conditions for producers and opportunities for them to invest in their businesses and communities. Look for the stamp.

10. PASS IT ON ~ Research suggests that 30% of clothes in the average wardrobe haven’t been worn in a year. When it’s time to part with your clothes don’t just throw them away (they’ll only end up in a landfill!). Instead, pass them on to a friend, a charity shop or a collection bank – remember that second hand doesn’t have to mean second best.

Do all of the above and you’ll feel very content with yourself!

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